Welcome to
"Creative Crafters' Showcase,Incorporated"
CCS, Inc.
CCS, Inc  would like to Thank all the
Creative Crafters and Artists, and of
course our wonderful buying
customers for getting us to our
Thank you!!
CCS, Inc. was established in 1996. Prior
to 96 Noreen owned a company called
Saw Dust Alley. Yep...Noreen was a
crafter too. Tony, her husband and herself
sold their wares on the East Coast, and
here in Colorado, participating in shows
and selling directly to stores. In 1999, they
closed Saw Dust Alley, after 14 wonderful
years of creating products. Noreen,  in late
1996 decided she wanted to go into the
other end of the business, the promotion
end. So now...well here she is... running
the gamut at CCS, Inc. (AND LOVING
Noreen promotes the shows from a
crafters/artists point of view, instead
of from a promoters point of view.
She has taken the knowledge of
being a vendor and has applied this
knowledge to the promoting aspect
of the business.

So if you are interested please enter into
their site,  see whats happening and enjoy
your stay while you are here. Now please
know, Noreen is not computer savvy,
actually she is much the opposite, so we
hope this site will be pleasing enough for
you visually, and easy to get through.
Noreen is going to try to keep it simple...
Real Simple. So...Make it a great day...
and have a wonderful  abundant and fun
show season!
Note; The picture used here is of one of
the pieces designed and hand made
by " Visionary Glass". Visionary Glass
participates in the CCS, Inc shows.
They can  be reached at
kkeeler1981@yahoo.com  or
Thank you Visionary Glass,
for letting us use your
beautiful artwork for
this site. Hopefully we
can do your art
work justice..
If you have an AOL email acct, please
go to Contact page, as we do not get
your emails